Chinchilla Cages - Get the Right Size For a Happy Pet

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There are many different styles and sizes of chinchilla cages on the market. But how do you know which size to buy?


Pay attention to this as some cages don't really provide enough height for the chinchilla. Chinchillas are notorious for jumping and climbing all over the place so the cage must have enough height to enable your chinchilla to jump up and down, climb and exercise itself. Think parrot cage, not hamster cage. And just like a bird prefers to be high up, so do chinchillas. So get it a cage with a good height and put shelves and ladders in there for exercise, entertainment and rest.

Width and Depth

The width of chinchilla cages is not as important as height, but of course there should still be ample room for the chinchilla to move around in. If you can afford a large cage on all dimensions, then go for it. Your chinchilla will love having a large home of its own. Aim for a ballpark minimum floor area of 24" width and 24" depth if you can.


You can get cages in plastic and metal frame varieties. Metal frame is better as it's easier to clean and can't be gnawed away. Chinchillas do love to gnaw away at things, so a plastic frame or plastic coated frame is a particular target. If you get your chinchilla a plastic cage, don't be surprised if you soon need to replace it. Metal cages are also more easier to wipe down and clean. Plastic ones, being more difficult to clean are also a breeding ground for bacteria that will accumulate in the cage. This is a potential threat to your chinchilla's health and maybe even your own. Plastic can also be harmful to your chinchilla should it swallow it or cut itself on any sharp edges that form as a result of being gnawed away. Likewise avoid plastic accessories. These three things are significant reasons why metal cages are the essential choice.

One final point with chinchilla cages that you should look for is a pull out tray for easy cleaning. It really will save you a lot of time and effort if you can just pull out a tray when you need to clean its cage out. And of course that tray should be covered in lining material. Soft wood shavings are best, however be careful not to get wood shavings sourced from undried pine or cedar as these contain aromatic oils that are harmful to chinchillas.

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Chinchilla Cages - Get the Right Size For a Happy Pet

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This article was published on 2010/04/03